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Our First Review is In … and It's Five Stars!

"Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray by Barbara Paskoff and Carol Pack is a well-crafted book that offers readers the wisdom and tools they need to transform old age into a beautiful and peaceful experience. The subtitle of this book captures its essence — a journey through life’s later years. When the years roll by and we near our sixties and retirement, it is only natural to fear the changes that loom ahead. We think about those broken teeth, the failing strength, the dead cells in the brain, and the many, oft neglected changes which take place in our system. An author once said that when we are young we are eager to grow up, and once we get old, we begin to long for our youth. But it must not be so, and in a voice that is filled with charm and humor, the authors of this book offer readers the wisdom to age with grace and find meaning in old age. 

How do we deal with loss? How do we deal with our past and how do we handle regret when we clock sixty? This book offers unconventional answers to such questions, and tips that will make life not just meaningful, but fun for readers. The writing is beautiful and the unique turn of phrase that evokes a music of its own, and its closeness to day-to-day conversations make this book something of a unique reading experience for readers; exciting and refreshing. Many people, gifted and intelligent, have written about facing old age with equanimity, but few have the wisdom, the hilarity, and the grace that comes across Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray. Barbara Paskoff and Carol Pack grab your attention, remind you of the things you always knew and force you to shift perspective and have a lot of fun while doing so. It’s informative, rich in wisdom, and utterly entertaining — in a hilarious kind of way."

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