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The prolific, award-winning broadcast journalists from Long Island balance humor and insight, providing multiple laugh-out-loud moments as well as practical information on decaying gracefully.
Kirkus Reviews

If you’re anything like us, growing older makes you a bit more impatient, and one of the things you may no longer wish to wade through is a long article promising precious information that could be delivered in a lot less time if the writer used bullet points.

So, here’s what this book is about:

• Pertinent information
• Shortened to its essence
• On various subjects

Not to mention:

• Cartoons
• Quotes
• Our own, inimitable asides

Need we say more?

Book of Lists: Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray by Carol Pack and Barbara Paskoff is a hilarious, straightforward guide for navigating life after sixty.
Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

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There is a lot of humor included in the lists, which makes it entertaining…and who doesn’t love lists?
Manhattan Review

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Being two women of "a certain age" with overactive imaginations, we were scared spitless when news of COVID-19 made headlines. So, like everyone else, we shopped for toilet paper, set up food delivery accounts and locked ourselves inside our homes with our significant others and pets. What do creative women do with plenty of time on their hands? We keep a diary of our misery, so we won't forget to share a single, sordid detail with everyone we know.

When we ran out of friends and family who cared (at least, they pretended they did), we created this book. We know it's a touchy subject for many who may have watched loved ones suffer, but we believe in the need to lessen the seriousity of COVID-19 for those who need a little sunshine in their lives. 

Plus, it makes a great gift. For the price of most greeting cards, you can send this tiny tome to someone you haven't been able to visit in a while.

Make them laugh.

They'll love you for it.
The cartoons are right on point and often hilarious, and the diary entries will appeal to anyone who’s experienced the dubious pleasures of sheltering in place day after day after day. Most highly recommended.”
Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

If you'd rather while away the hours coloring or solving puzzles,
you could always order a print copy of

Mind Games & Soporifics

We're sorry it's not an ebook, but coloring directly on your computer, tablet, or smart phone screen might ruin the finish, unless you have an old Winky Dink set around the house.

Note: If you're reading this website, you're old enough to know what Winky Dink is.

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We want to help you keep your mind sharp, and what better way than with our new puzzle/coloring book: Mind Games & Soporifics, a companion book to Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray. Inside you'll find a variety of crossword, word search, sudoku, and cryptoquote puzzles, along with mazes, cartoons you can color, and sleep tips. It's everything you'll need to rev up your brain function, and then bring it back down into a zen zone when you want to relax.

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And don't forget our signature book:
Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray

This book is funny, insightful, informational, wise and did I say funny?
Henry Winkler, Actor, Author, Producer
There's no getting around it: with every breath you take, you're a couple of seconds older than you were before, and there's no going back. It's great when you're a child and can't wait to grow up, but it's kind of horrifying when you're over sixty and people start to look at you differently. As far as a lot of them are concerned, you're invisible. Or costing the government too many of their tax dollars. Or too slow and out of sync with what's going on in the world today. Face it, we live in a youth-oriented society, and we're the ones who created the monster -- when we were younger. Now we've got to live with the labels our culture slaps on people our age.

But you're not alone. As of the last census, close to 60-million people in the United States were older than 60. That's a lot of gray hair and bad teeth. And according to a United Nations World Population report that came out a few years ago, by the year 2045, people older than sixty
the world over are expected to outnumber children under age fifteen.

While we all like to believe we're unique, in many ways we're alike, and that includes the changes in our bodies and our lives and the perceptions younger people have about us. Which is why we, Barbara Paskoff and Carol Pack, have written a book entitled
Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray. It's a lighthearted yet factual look at many of the changes that come with aging, or what we like to call a handbook for surviving aging.

Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray makes turning 60-plus almost tolerable! Paskoff and Pack expose the "dirty little secrets" of aging—and help us laugh about them … while teaching us not to be afraid.
Vin Di Bona, Creator, America's Funniest Home Videos
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